Tue, 03/12/2024 - 08:40

In order to improve the production and certification of rice seeds, a group of 22 specialized seed producers from Region XII gathered at the Agricultural Training Institute-RTC XII for an extensive Basic Course on Inbred Rice Seed Production and Seed Certification for Seed Cultivators (Batch 1) held from March 4 to 8, 2024.

Facilitated by Mr. Jayson Abang and Mr. Mubarak H. Salic, both seasoned in rice cultivation and technical members of ATI XII, the training covered crucial subjects such as the Present Status of the Philippine Rice Industry, Growth Phases of Rice, Palay Check System, and Initial Inspections 1 to 9. Furthermore, Ms. Marjie Lastimoso and Ms. Shirley Balidiong from BPI-NSQCS XII elaborated on seed certification regulations, methods of seed examination, laboratory criteria, and techniques for seed sampling and germination. As part of the program, participants participated in a hands-on session at the Binhian ng Timog Kutabato Multi-purpose Agricultural Cooperative (BINTIKU MPAC) farm to acquire practical skills. This extensive training initiative is designed to equip seed cultivators with the latest developments in rice seed production, elevate standards for seed quality, and significantly contribute to the agricultural advancement of the Region.