Empowering Engineers: Training of Trainers on Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems

Thu, 02/29/2024 - 09:44


In a significant move towards sustainable agricultural development, the Agricultural Training Institute - Regional Training Center 02 (ATI-RTC 02) recently played host to a comprehensive training program titled "Training of Trainers on Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems." The five-day event, held from February 19-23, 2024, at the ATI-RTC 02 facility in Malasin, San Mateo, Isabela, witnessed the active participation of 31 engineers from various municipalities across Region 2.

The major highlight of the training program was the hands-on demonstration in setting -up of solar-powered irrigation systems. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers had the unique opportunity to witness the systems in action, gaining valuable insights into their real-world operation, performance, and practical implementation

Beyond technical skills, the training fostered an environment that encouraged knowledge exchange and collaboration among participants. Through interactive discussions, group activities, and workshops, engineers shared their experiences, addressed challenges, and proposed innovative solutions, enriching the overall learning experience.

The program also placed a strong emphasis on the importance of community engagement and stakeholder involvement in the adoption of solar-powered irrigation systems. Engineers were urged to actively collaborate with local farmers, government agencies, and other stakeholders to facilitate the widespread adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.

The "Training of Trainers on Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems" not only marked a significant stride towards advancing sustainable agriculture in Region 2 but also highlighted the pivotal role of capacity building in driving innovation and progress in the agricultural sector. With a cohort of empowered engineers at the forefront, the future of agriculture in the region.

The Agricultural Training Institute - Regional Training Center 02 remains committed to spearheading initiatives that contribute to the growth and sustainability of agriculture in the region.


#Ella Jane Liclican