Cultivating Expertise: GAP Jackfruit Training

Mon, 05/13/2024 - 10:35
tanom jackfruit

ABUYOG, Leyte - The Training of Trainers on GAP-Anchored Jackfruit Production and Post-Harvest Operations was conducted at the Abuyog Experiment Station in Abuyog, Leyte on May 6-10, 2024. This comprehensive training aimed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary for GAP-anchored jackfruit production and post-harvest operations, ultimately leading to farm GAP certification.

Thirty-one (31) participants, mostly agricultural extension workers from Eastern Visayas, attended the said activity. Through a combination of lectures and practical exercises, participants gained a deep understanding of the jackfruit industry profile in the Philippines, pest surveillance of jackfruit plantations, the importance of PhilGAP and its four major aspects, and the stepped GAP training approach. They also learned about the PhilGAP certification process, techniques for producing jackfruit planting materials, and the establishment and management of jackfruit plantations. Furthermore, the training covered the identification and management of major pests and diseases affecting jackfruit, as well as maturity indices, proper harvesting, and post-harvest operations.

During the hands-on activities, participants successfully grafted 90 jackfruit seedlings, planted 30 grafted jackfruit seedlings, sowed 150 jackfruit seeds, ring-weeded and fertilized two mature fruiting jackfruit trees, and potted 100 bags of soil medium in 3x6 plastic pots. These practical sessions reinforced their learning and provided valuable experience in jackfruit cultivation and management.

“Indeed, this was a very successful training as this would help me to be confident in sharing information to the farmers where I’m serving.” Nerilyn Gubatana expressed as she gave her impressions. She stated that there is a low jackfruit production in Gamay, Northern Samar since farmers do not have proper care and management of their Jackfruit production. “But because of this training, as a technician in our locality, I am challenged on how I am going to increase our production. It is an opportunity that jackfruit is very high in demand not only in this country but all over the world and not only the fresh picked fruit but also the processed products.” With the DA RFO 8’s vision for Region 8 to be the “Jackfruit center in the country”, Nerilyn promised to use this training as the weapon for the challenges that she will be facing. “Sharing my knowledge would be the best step in achieving the said vision.” she added.

As part of their re-entry plans, participants intend to conduct trainings in their respective LGUs, propose the establishment of jackfruit nurseries, and guide farmers in establishing jackfruit plantations and achieving GAP certification.