Our Mandates

Pursuant to Executive Order no 338 (Restructuring the Department of Agriculture Providing Funds Therefore and Other Purposes) and in consistent with the Republic Act 8435 (Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997), the Institute is mandated to:

  1. lead in the formulation of the national Agriculture and Fisheries Extension (AFE) agenda and budget;
  2. prepare an integrated plan for publicly-funded training programs in agriculture and fisheries;
  3. formulate and issue guidelines in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating AFE programs; and
  4. assist, in coordination with state universities and colleges, the local government units extension system by improving their effectiveness and efficiency through capability building and complementary extension activities such as technical assistance, training of LGU personnel, improvement of physical facilities, extension cum research and information support services.

Department Order no. 3, series of 2007 mandated the ATI to lead in the provision of e-extension services in collaboration with the various agencies, bureaus and organizational units of the Philippine Department of Agriculture. This is to integrate and harmonize ICT-based extension delivery system for agriculture and fisheries.