FYFIPT Interns Gear Up for Next Level Agri Skills Training

Thu, 08/11/2022 - 15:23

DILIMAN, Quezon City – In preparation for their 11-month training overseas, this year’s batch of the Filipino Young Farmers Internship Program in Taiwan (FYFIPT) underwent a two-day workshop on building emotional and mental strength.

The FYFIPT interns learn some simple breathing exercises for stress relief as part of their Social Technology Training in preparation for their internship program abroad.

Organized by the Agricultural Training Institute – Partnerships and Accreditation Division, the activity dubbed as “Social Technology Training: Preparing for A New Adventure in My Life”, aimed to enhance the emotional resilience and personal well-being of the young farmers in facing the challenges of living in a new culture.

Psychologist Priscilla Gonzalez Fernando and her team conducted a series of self-reflection activities, which enabled the interns to better understand their values and identity.

Specifically, they have learned several practices that help improve their emotional strength, such as simple body relaxation, breathing, mindfulness, creative expression, and managing thoughts and emotions.

One of the workshop's highlights is art journaling, where they were given the time and space to express their feelings and emotions through art.

Moreover, the activity served as a platform for the young farmers to make concrete plans in terms of managing personal and work-related stress.

The FYFIPT is one of the programs of the Institute, which started last year  in cooperation with the Manila Economic and Cultural Office and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines.

The said event was held last August 9-10 at the ATI Rural Development Education Center in this city.