Fri, 01/06/2023 - 18:44

Tantangan, South Cotabato- Through the recently concluded Strategic Design Workshop 2023 held at the Agri Gabay Studio, ATI-RTC XII, San Felipe, Tantangan, South Cotabato, January 6, 2023, the DA ATI-RTC XII had set the stage for success in 2023.ย 

Abdul I. Daya-an, Center Director, congratulated the ISS on its fruitful work in 2022 in his welcome message. He stated that the section, under the leadership and supervision of IS Chief Ms Hannadi Guiamad-Pompong, should maintain best practices and use the challenges to improve services even more in 2023.

ย During the workshop, ATI OIC-Deputy Director Ms Antonieta J. Arceo delivered an inspiring message. She stated that each Regional Training Center should continue to innovate, provide something new, and provide clients with better services. Deputy Director Arceo also challenged the center to connect its Kadiwa Center and expand its services through e-Kadiwa, a platform that connects producers and agripreneurs directly to consumers.ย 

The workshop began with a refresher and articulation of the ATI Policies for 2022 and beyond by Center Director Abdul I. Daya-an.ย 

Workshops 1 and 2 were moderated by Information Officer II John Lord Auman, who focused on defining current skills and competencies and identifying 2022 challenges and best practices, respectively.ย 

Ms Hannadi Guiamad-Pompong, the IS Chief, was in charge of Workshop 3: Scheduling of 2023 targets, Workshop 4: Creating Brand Guidelines, and Workshop 5: How to Achieve More in 2023.ย 

The aforementioned workshop is a necessary tool for the ISS to have a clearer vision and goal for 2023, as well as to properly set methods and strategies for achieving its goals and objectives.ย 

Assistant Center Director Jessie V. Beldia, Ph.D., Information Officer II Jon Ian Belo, Agriculturist I Johnny H. Pasaquian, Technical Staff Marnil Del Monte, Jovellena Simbulan, and Donna Jean Fabrigar were among those who attended the workshop.