Tue, 01/31/2023 - 15:31

The DA ATI-RTC XII honored the contributions of retired personnel and former colleagues on January 30, 2023, whose steadfast service and dedication have allowed the institute to take a step further towards the attainment of excellent extension services and has contributed significantly to the institute.


Among the retirees are the following: Ms. Tenny B. Alcala, Mr. Danilo J. Viado, Ms Emma E. Torres, Mr. Herminio C. Gravidez, Mr. Loreto G. Hilario, Ms Marylyn C. Opolentisima, Ms Maria Theresa B. Tambagahan, Mr. Rafencio B. Somoza, Mr. Reynaldo E. Jinson, Mr. Madi M. Sangcala, Mr. Emiliano C. Guillermo, Mr. Gervacio N. Jabel Mr. Gilbert C. Malunes, Ms Virginia A. Rivera, Ms. Marilyn B. Gimena, Mr. Eduardo N. Suyamin, Jr., Mr. Wayne O. Calibayan, Mr. Gregorio M. Cezar, Mr. Dominador Adonacion and Mr. Erlie G. Valdez.


Former ATI-RTC XII which was known as Philippine Training Center for Rural Development (PTCRD), Center Director Mr. Benjamin R. Fermil was also present. The ATI-RTC XII hopes that we will be able to continue the legacy that they have started and uphold the ATI’s core values of giving our best, serving with passion, and working with integrity and excellence.