Thu, 02/29/2024 - 11:11

In the lush hills of Boyet’s Farm in Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte, coconut trees once flourished, a bountiful harvest sustaining livelihoods and bringing prosperity to the community.

But in December 2021, Typhoon Rai ravaged the land, leaving devastation in its wake. Mr. Silfredo Madera, fondly known as Boyet, a dedicated farmer, relied heavily on copra production from his coconut trees, but with 90% of them destroyed, despair hung heavy in the air.

Depressed and hopeless Boyet shared that before the typhoon hit their town, he managed to harvest 2.4T of coconuts per year with approximately 32 nuts per tree in his 9,000 sqm farm.

As Boyet surveyed the wreckage, a glimmer of hope emerged. He realized that amidst the loss, there lay an opportunity for renewal. With the guidance of agricultural extension workers, Boyet decided to diversify his crops, giving him additional income while waiting for the coconut harvests.

Embracing innovation, Boyet ventured into vegetable production and expanded his chicken egg layer farm, increasing the production of eggs to meet the rising demand. Today, he has 70 heads of layer chicken with 90% productivity, producing at least 60-65 eggs per day or 2 trays. 

As he worked tirelessly to rebuild his farm, he also took on the role of educator, sharing his newfound knowledge with fellow farmers and empowering them to adapt to the changing landscape.

During a partner’s visit organized by GIZ Philippines, Boyet also learned about the benefits of planting dwarf coconut trees, which promised a faster yield and resilience to harsh weather conditions. He was also informed on the programs of the government through CFIDP to revitalize the coconut industry.

Like Boyet, with determination and perseverance, he transformed adversity into opportunity. The once-dying coconut industry began to thrive anew, buoyed by the resilience and ingenuity of its people.

And amidst the rolling hills of Boyet Farm, a story of resilience and renewal unfolded, inspiring hope for generations to come.

His journey was a testament to the power of perseverance, reminding us all that within the darkest of storms, lies the potential for a brighter tomorrow.

These initiatives aim to enhance the agricultural sector and promote sustainable livestock farming practices in the region, demonstrating the commitment of both ATI-RTC XII and DA-RFO XII to support LGUs in their agricultural development endeavors.