Fri, 01/19/2024 - 09:52

An enlightening day at Tupi Research Outreach Station for the YFFLTPJ Interns last January 11, 2024.

The Agricultural Center Chief III, Ms. Aileen V. Alvarez, Ph.D., and Ms. Lolita A. Tomas, Science Research Specialist, warmly welcomed the team.

Their first stop was the seed production area, where the secrets of soybean harvesting were revealed. Ma'am Alvarez shared insights on the significance of soybeans, including discussions on various varieties and the stages of maize growth.

The journey continued through the cassava and coffee plantations, where Ma'am Lolita introduced the unique clone coffee varieties they cultivate. The afternoon was filled with discovery in the propagation area, brimming with a variety of fruit trees. Highlights included hands-on experiences in bagging lemon drop mangosteens and learning asexual plant propagation techniques like grafting and vacuum chamber usage for coffee stem cutting.

The group even tried their hand at grafting rambutan and lanzones. A special encounter with Ma'am Shernova Joice S. Taguas, the Farm Superintendent II, in the morning added to the experience. She guided them through the vegetable production area, emphasizing good agricultural practices and introducing Ma'am Ellen, her assistant, who demonstrated sweet potato harvesting.

The day concluded with an informative lecture by Ma'am Taguas on key factors in vegetable growing, seed production, and SNAP hydroponics, followed by a visit to their cold storage facility and a generous gift of vegetable seeds. It was truly an educational and memorable visit!