Fri, 03/01/2024 - 14:25

ATI-RTC XII recently initiated another phase of evaluations for Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) applicants, an essential part of the assessment and accreditation process. The evaluation team, consisting of members from PAS, CDMS, ISS, and PMEU, conducted thorough site visits in Matalam, Cotabato, and Pres. Quirino, Sultan Kudarat on February 28. In Matalam, the team visited an LSA candidate who had previously joined the Young Filipino Farm Leaders Training Program in Japan, showcasing the application of international training knowledge in local agriculture. Moving on to Pres. Quirino, Sultan Kudarat, the team assessed a cooperative applicant's farm with assistance from DAR, emphasizing the collective approach to agriculture and its impact on enhancing agricultural practices and productivity. The team evaluated farms based on their techniques, sustainability practices, and community impact. They acknowledged outstanding farming methods and commended individuals and groups who excelled in these areas. The commitment and expertise of the evaluators, together with the determination of the applicants to achieve excellence in the agriculture sector, underscore the continuous drive of ATI-RTC XII toward fostering innovation and sustainability in farming.