Isabela Mango Growers attend Training on Mango Pest & Nutrient Management

Mon, 06/10/2024 - 17:01

Malasin, San Mateo, Isabela – Mango growers of Isabela attended the Training on Mango Fertilization Technology and Integrated Pest Management for Mango conducted by ATI-RTC 02 at Malasin, San Mateo, Isabela, on May 29-31, 2024. The training aims to address the damages that local mango farmers continue to face due to different types of infestation. It emphasizes the importance of nutrient management and integrated pest management to improve plant health and yield, reduce production costs from pests and diseases, and make mango farming more sustainable, and market linkage.


The training has not only equipped growers with new skills but also opened doors to new market. The training focused on optimizing yields and establishing effective market linkages. It brought together 30 mango growers with experts from the Department of Agriculture, research institutions, and private companies.


One key highlight of the training was the participation of Mr. Ram Amores, CEO of Hi-Las Marketing Cooperative in Pasig, Metro Manila. Mr. Amores discussed the cooperative's market requirements for mangoes, offering a potential solution to the problem of low prices during peak season.


The participants were encouraged by the fact that Hi-Las Marketing Cooperative offered a price higher than the current market rate. The cooperative can handle around 20 metric tons of mangoes per day, with a preferred size of 175 grams or more per piece.  The off-season Mango Production was also introduced to the participants as one strategy to capture a relatively higher market price.


The field visit to De Ocampo Farm located in Nagulian, Isabela owned by successful mango grower and accredited nursery operator, River De Ocampo, shared their experiences in mango farming. According to De Ocampo, “Based on our experience, the peak season of mango that results in low price only happens every 10 years,” he said. This is in line with the questions of the participants on how to combat the low price of mango. For him, it is just a seasonal that is why mango growers should not be dismayed in growing more mango in the province.



After a lengthy discussion between the institutional buyer and the participants, the mango growers can sell now their produce at HI-LAS Marketing Cooperative at a higher price than the price in the market. The participants who still have existing mangoes will now have a place to sell their produce at a higher value. Also, the Regional Crop Protection Center of the region issued Biological Control Agents (BCA) to the participants, for controlling the infestation of mango plant pests.



The training was conducted in collaboration with the DA-RFO 02 through their High Value Crops Development Program, Cagayan Valley Research Center, Regional Crop Protection Center, PLGU-Isabela through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, DTI-Isabela, Private Companies such as FMC and YARA Fertilizer Philippines and institutional buyer of Mango.