ATI steps up frontline animal health workers’ skills on recognition of priority animal diseases

Wed, 08/02/2023 - 15:48

Animal diseases pose significant threats to the animal industry, public health, and food security. Recognizing priority animal diseases in a timely and correct manner is critical for effective disease management, prevention, and control. Hence, it is crucial to give training on the recognition of priority animal diseases in order to increase the competence of veterinary experts, technicians, and stakeholders involved in animal health.

The said training program focuses on the vital aspect of animal health such as mitigating economic losses, safeguarding public health, strengthening disease surveillance and reporting; and promoting one health approach which recognizes the connection of human, animal, and environmental health, and eventually support collaboration among veterinary experts, public health officials, and other relevant stakeholders.

Disease recognition

Since the Local Government Units are frontline workers for this purpose, the Department of Agriculture - National Livestock Program through the Agricultural Training Institute conducted the first batch of this training program on July 24-28, 2023 at ATI-RTC 02, San Mateo, Isabela.

This aims to enhance their capacity for accurate disease recognition and more efficient disease management, prevention, and control. This will benefit both the animal health sector and the general public. A total of 20 livestock extension workers from different municipalities of Cagayan, Isabela, Quirino, and Nueva Vizcaya completed the training. The graduates were also provided with a set of drenching gun and fiberglass syringe as after-training support.

The participants

Technical staff from DA-RF02 Regulatory and Integrated Laboratory Division, BAI Regional Quarantine Office 02, and NMIS-RTOC 2 served shared their expertise on the said training. Another batch of livestock extension workers will be trained on August 14-18, 2023 at the same venue.