THL Integrated Coconut Farm and Nature now a COCOLSA

Fri, 03/08/2024 - 11:30


The picturesque landscapes of Brgy. Amunitan, Gonzaga, Cagayan witnessed a momentous occasion on February 20, 2024, as the THL Integrated Coconut Farm and Nature Park officially opened its gates. This event marked the dawn of a new era in agricultural education, with the establishment of the first Coconut-based Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) in the municipality.

At the heart of this celebration was Ms. Nenita P. Ayuyang, the visionary farm owner, whose tireless dedication to agricultural innovation was acknowledged by all. The highlight of the day was the unveiling of the LSA signage, accompanied by the presentation of the prestigious certification to Ms. Ayuyang, recognizing her pivotal role in this groundbreaking venture.

The ceremony was attended by a distinguished assembly of guests and esteemed partner agencies, each demonstrating their unwavering commitment to agricultural progress. Notable figures included ATI-RTC 02 OIC-Center Director Claris Marayag-Alaska, SB Member and Committee Chairman on Agriculture Oscar Idmilao, and Municipal Agriculturist Corazon Baclig. Representatives from key organizations such as Philippine Coconut Authority Cagayan, Department of Trade and Industry Region 2, and Barangay Chairman Norman Gonzaga also graced the occasion, underscoring the significance of this historic moment.


Meanwhile, OIC-Center Director Alaska shared that this is the first ever coconut-based LSA in Gonzaga and in Region 02 being launched. She thanked Ms. Ayuyang for embracing one of the programs of ATI. She emphasized that this launching program will officially introduce the LSA to all the farmers in the municipality that will serve as a training venue and technology demonstration area for coconut production and its components. She also encouraged the coconut farmers to attend capability-building activities to capacitate them not just in coconut production but also in value-adding practices and other crops that can be integrated in coconut farming.

The attendees expressed their steadfast support for the successful operation of COCOLSA, emphasizing the collaborative efforts required to empower generations of coconut growers in Gonzaga and beyond.

Following the official proceedings, LSA Cooperator Ms. Ayuyang shared her reflections on assuming this role, acknowledging the weight of responsibility it entails. As both a farm manager and a practical agriculturist, she expressed her strong commitment to fulfilling her duties and responsibilities diligently. Encouraged by the messages of support from partner agencies, she embraced the challenges ahead with confidence, wholeheartedly accepting her role in advancing agricultural practices in the locality.

Similarly, Municipal Agriculturist Baclig expressed gratitude to ATI and partner agencies for their unwavering support to the farmers in Gonzaga. She reaffirmed the commitment of their office to collaborate closely with COCOLSA, ensuring the provision of continuous training and extension services to benefit coconut farmers in the area.

With the establishment of COCOLSA, a beacon of knowledge and innovation emerges, poised to elevate agricultural practices and transform livelihoods in Gonzaga and beyond. Through collective determination and collaboration, the journey towards agricultural excellence continues, guided by the principles of sustainability, innovation, and community empowerment.