Thursday, January 12, 2023 - 11:32

An enginner by profession, a farmer by heart

The B.H Roque farm is a treasure property of the family of Mr. Christian Paulo Magsino as they can’t let go the farm because it’s where the memories of their late grandfather remain. It signifies the dedication and hardwork of their grandfather and how he established the farm to be what is today. 

This were the reasons that Engr. Magsino considered as he gladly and finally decided to leave his work as an agricultural engineer by profession from (PhilMech) then he wholeheartedly took the responsibility to manage their family farm. Aside from its being a treasure property, his grandmother continuously encourages him to go back in their hometown to just focus on their farm. Being an agricultural engineer is certainly a great advantage for him to help for the enhancement of their farm.

“Ang farming ay isang marangal na trabaho. You feed the people eh. Para sa’kin ito yung pinaka-humble na profession”, he explained. He likes farming because it teaches anyone to be patient especially now to the modern-world, it’s so fast-changing. It takes a lot of time to plant and to harvest at the same time but it’s always gonna be worth it.

He believes that farming is his calling as most of his participants appreciates his dedication and hardwork to help them. As a young farmer with no background in farm practices, he bravely engaged in farming. He is grateful that he made the right choice to leave his previous work and learn to love farming.

According to him, “Bonus nalang yung pera na kikitain ko kasi mas nagma-matter yung nakakatulong ako.” Managing the farm and conducting trainings is never easy but through his dedication, passion, and motivation he continuously do his part as a partner of learning site of Agricultural Training Institute- Regional Training Center 02 (ATI-RTC II).

Likewise, the farm offers for techno-demo sites for new machineries and sells pigmented rice such as red and black. It provides technical assistance for rice production and other necessary farming practices use for better yield rice production.

Christian Paulo main goal is to provide additional information effectively and efficiently to the farmers.

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