Attaining a Diverse and Dynamic System for Agricultural and Fisheries Extension

Attaining a Diverse and Dynamic System for Agricultural and Fisheries Extension 

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 3:10pm


The agriculture and fishery sector has faced difficulties and situations that have affected its performance during the past few years. One of the challenges being encountered by the sector is the decentralization of provision of agricultural extension services.

To address this issue, the Department of Agriculture (DA) developed several programs, and one of those integrative and convergence strategies is the Province-led Agriculture and Fisheries Extension System (PAFES). This strategy aims to adopt a methodical and planned approach as well as strong and enduring collaborations with LGU, the private sectors, farmers' and fishers' organizations, and other national government agencies.

In 2021, Dr. Rolando V. Maningas was assigned as the DA-Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) - CALABARZON focal person to work with DA-Regional Field Office (RFO) IV-A on the planning and establishment of PAFES in Batangas as pilot province. Together with the ATI - CALABARZON Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, he participated in crafting the instrument for the Rapid Appraisal and served as a member of the panel in mapping out the Collaborative Provincial Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Program (CPAFEP).  This year, PAFES-related preparatory activities started as early as February.  An initial meeting was arranged by the Center with the Department of Agriculture (DA) Assistant Secretary for Operations and former Regional Executive Director of DA RFO IV-A, Engr. Arnel V. De Mesa, concerning the delineation of responsibilities between ATI and RFO IV-A, as well as the drafting of a Joint Memorandum Circular between the said agencies.

To ensure the smooth implementation of this year’s activities, on March 8-9, 2022, DA-ATI CALABARZON and DA RFO IV-A conducted a two-day planning-workshop to organize and provide the details of each targeted activity. In addition, on the same month, the DA Agricultural Program Coordinating Office (APCO) and PAFES Regional Core Team convened to discuss the responsibilities of each party in the institutionalization of the program.

A series of orientation on the establishment of PAFES for the aforementioned provinces was held last March and April, wherein, the program was cascaded to the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, Provincial Veterinary Office & Provincial Planning and Development Office, National Government Agencies, DA Line Agencies, and State Universities and Colleges. The Engaging Stakeholders in the Institutionalization of PAFES Phase I & II was also implemented last August 2022 wherein goals, and plans of stakeholders and other partner agencies were presented.


Accordingly, on September 13, 2022, Dr. Maningas attended the meeting of the Regional Management Committee (RMC)-CALABARZON, which was held at the STIARC Training Hall in Lipa City, Batangas. He highlighted ATI CALABARZON’s efforts in the development of the program activities as well as updates on the PAFES implementation.

The series of capability-building activities under PAFES keeps on rolling. Recently, a training for the Province-led Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Center (PAFEC) was held by ATI CALABARZON last September 15–16, 2022, in Tanza, Cavite, in cooperation with the DA RFO IV–A to strengthen the management's capabilities in order to increase the efficacy of the program's execution.

In addition to this, ATI CALABARZON will be conducting more efforts to continue establishing PAFES in the region before the end of the year. The activities, Mapping-out of Collaborative Province-led Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Systems and Conduct of Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening will take place on October 26–28, 2022, while Conduct of Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening will be carried out in November.


In his capacity as OIC-Center Director, Dr. Maningas remains confident and enthusiastic that the PAFES Program would pave the way for the development of a varied and lively agricultural and fisheries extension system that is managed by the provinces through joint efforts and collaboration of DA-ATI CALABARZON with other agency partners.

Written by: Christian Leonard M. Añonuevo