The Future of Agriculture Rests with The Next Generation

The Future of Agriculture Rests with The Next Generation

Fri, 11/04/2022 - 4:01pm


The Department of Agriculture, through the Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI), in collaboration with the Office of Senator Grace Poe (OSGP), expands its program for young farmers and fishers through the "Binhi ng Pag-asa Program (BPP)". The BPP aims to equip young people with the knowledge, skills, and mindset they need to succeed as agricultural leaders and agripreneurs.

Last 2017, the BPP was implemented by the DA-ATI CALABARZON through 72 batches of trainings from April to November. The center was able to train 1,790 youth from the provinces of Quezon and Laguna who are already 4H Club members or prospective members.

This year, the effort will have an impact on more than 3,700 young farmers and fisherfolks from eight priority provinces, with Batangas being one of them. The BPP was officially released last May 2022, just in time when Dr. Rolando V. Maningas assumed the responsibilities as OIC-Center Director/TCS II of DA-ATI CALABARZON.  He took the initiative to facilitate the program's prompt implementation in the aforementioned province. A consultative meeting was held last June 2022 in which the city/municipal agriculturists and their young farmer coordinators took part in providing significant inputs for the program implementation. In that meeting, it was decided which projects would be prioritized as well as the schedule of training for each town. It also covered the requirements and procedure for recruiting participants. Likewise, the needs, plans, and activities for BPP were also presented.

Accordingly, under the supervision of Dr. Maningas, DA-ATI CALABARZON conducted a series of Provincial Training of Trainers (2 Batches) in Batangas which were held at Taal Maranan Farm Ville in Taal and Don Leon Nature Farm in San Juan last July 2022. A series of municipal trainings (17 Batches) were held in several towns in Batangas from August to October 2022.


A total of 442 participants were trained on Leadership and Values Formation, Agricultural Policies, Agripreneurship and Social Media in Farming. Among the Agripreneurial projects of the youth includes: Native Chicken Production, Organic Vegetable Production, Stingless Beekeeping, Native Swine Production, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Urban Gardening, Hydroponics and Rabbit Racing and Processing. As part of the training, participants completed practical tasks during their hands-on activity.  The youth participants were required to come up with their action plan, indicating their strategies in ensuring their project’s sustainability after receiving the agricultural starter kits.

Dr. Maningas is very eager to grace the trainings despite having a busy schedule. He managed to attend the two batches of Provincial Trainings last July 2022. He also took every opportunity to meet the youth-participants and deliver motivational message in each municipal training that he attended.


With the aim of highlighting the milestones of the program, the culminating activity for the BPP Program was held last October 28, 2022 at Don Leon Nature Farm. Albeit all the preparations of DA-ATI CALABARZON, fortuitous events like Typhoon Paeng could not be avoided. But through Dr. Maningas' perseverance, the program's conclusion proceeded, ensuring everyone's safety.

Ultimately, the ceremonial handing over of starter kits will take place on November 29, 2022, where city/municipal agriculturists and young farmer beneficiaries will be joined by anticipated visitors such as Dir. Remelyn R. Recoter - OIC, Director IV of ATI Central Office, Hon. Hermilando I. Mandanas - Governor of Batangas, and Sen. Grace S. Poe-Llamanzares.


It is true that the youth represent not only the nation, but also our agriculture's future. As graduates of the Binhi ng Pag-asa Program, Dr. Maningas fully expects the 442 youth participants from the municipalities and cities of Batangas to assist and spread the optimism they received from the program to every youth in their respective areas in order to encourage them to engage in agriculture and fisheries. With the aid of these young people, new individuals will emerge who will stand up and have faith in their own skills and potential to sustain the future of the agricultural and fisheries industry in our region.

Through the BPP, it is possible to continuously enhance the process of empowering the young generation to become capable agripreneurs by developing their agri-fisheries management skills and moral character.

Written by: Christian Leonard M. Añonuevo