Planning determines an output that is needed, whereas budgeting sets the inputs required in order to achieve that result. Thus, management employs the planning procedure to develop programs, set up basic policies, and establish objectives and priorities for the organization as a whole. Budgeting, on the other hand, aids in the formulation of the organization's operations, allowing to gain a better understanding of targets, identifying how resources can be distributed, and assessing which areas need to be revisited.

Pursuant to this objective, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) organized the FY 2024 Cluster Planning and Budget Extension, a mechanism in which programming and spending allocations will be set while issues that are deemed important are deliberated. This year's planning and budget execution process will focus on strategies for implementing the AF Extension Strategic Plan and the draft ATI Corporate Plan 2023-2028, as well as proactively addressing discrepancies in the planning and budgeting system. Furthermore, when developing a new annual budget, an in-depth examination of historical, current, and projected future trends in physical performance, budget allocation and obligation, and actual expenditures is required.


At the regional level, in order to positively contribute to the fulfillment of the Department of Agriculture's (DA) overall objectives and in compliance with the authorizations granted in the law and in the National Expenditure Program (NEP), DA-ATI CALABARZON’s Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Unit, in collaboration with the Administrative and Finance Unit, led a two-day workshop for DA-ATI CALABARZON Focals last September 4-5, 2023, in preparation for the "Details Matter: Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Cluster Planning and Budget Execution Workshop". The aforementioned activity was held at the Center’s Training Hall in Trece Martires City, Cavite. 

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Subsequently, the DA-ATI CALABARZON, headed by the Training Center Superintendent II,  Dr. Rolando V. Maningas, together with Ms. Julie Ann A. Tolentino, Unit Head, Administrative and Finance and Mr. Angelo H. Hernandez, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, participated in the “Details Matter: DA-ATI FY 2024 Planning and Budget Execution Workshop” held last September 11–14, 2023, at Hacienda Angelita, San Rafael, Bulacan. The activity was overseen by the DA-ATI Central Office's Policy and Planning Division. Delegates from the Luzon Cluster's Regional and International Training Centers were also present at the aforementioned activity. 

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Anchored in the region's cornerstones, Dr. Maningas confidently presented and successfully defended the FY 2024 plans and activities of each banner program for CALABARZON. These activities focus on the strategic objectives which include Enhancing Capacities for Efficient Production, Strengthening AFE Institutions and Empowering Extension Stakeholders, Boosting local production and raising farmers’ and fisherfolk’s income, Ensuring Nourished Farm and Fisher Families and Consumers, and Improving Competitiveness through Agripreneurship. 


In his capacity as Center Director, Dr. Maningas will keep expanding the institution's plans and programs that are innovative, relevant, responsive, and cost-effective. DA-ATI CALABARZON will continue to strengthen the dissemination and fully concentrate on addressing the demands of contemporary and technology-related agriculture.