AEWs undergo M&E Course

Sat, 11/19/2022 - 14:06

To provide the Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) with the necessary skills and knowledge on the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of agricultural extension programs and projects, the Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center 1 (ATI-RTC 1) through the Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Unit (PMEU) conducted a virtual Training on M&E for Local Government Units on October 19–20, 2022.

There were 30 interested AEWs incharge in monitoring and evaluation from various cities and municipalities in region 1 and National Government Agencies (NGAs) have completed the training course.

Dr. Christopher J. Cocal, Director for External Funding and Extension Project at Pangasinan State University, acted as the resource speaker for the training. He shared his expertise on the significance of M&E in the agriculture and fisheries extension systems. Dr. Cocal specifically discussed the ideas and principles of data analysis, M&E system design, overviews of progress, and M&E outcomes reporting.

In addition, the resource person cited M&E's effective practices that other agencies might replicate. These will help them further to properly monitor and assess their programs and to effectively address possible hurdles in M&E.

One of the activities that highlighted the training was the preparation and presentation of the M&E plan. It was depicted in the outputs of the participants how their plans will aid them in defining a project's scope and core purpose and in establishing interventions that will positively affect the rest of the project.

The participants also realized the benefits of institutionalizing the M&E system, as most of the many agencies use this method to gather and assess data that will determine if the project deliverables were met.

"This activity was held very timely since we know that the Mandanas Ruling is approaching for implementation throughout the Philippines, hence monitoring and evaluation would be needed by the LGUs to provide evidence of their accomplishments. ATI conducts continuous monitoring and evaluation, hopefully, the M&E process in ATI will be shared with the LGUs. It would be extremely beneficial to them if they needed to demonstrate their findings throughout the implementation of their PPAs. It is critical for an organization to have a robust M&E system. The actual situation of a program/activity/project will be determined by M&E." expressed by Mr. Angelo Hernandez, a participant from ATI-Region IVA, during the closing program.

The participants were looking forward to having a second phase of the training for better execution of their roles and responsibilities as M&E officers in their respective offices.