Tue, 04/02/2024 - 10:52

Marking the culmination of the 15 High School students’ on-the-job training (OJT) at ATI Bicol, Center Dir. Elsa A. Parot emphasized the need for the agriculture sector’s digitalization in Industry 4.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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The Grade 12 ICT students from Rodriguez National High School (RNHS) in Pili, Camarines Sur completed their 60-hour OJT on March 11-27, 2024 at the Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center V (ATI Bicol) under the management of the Partnerships and Accreditation Section headed by OIC-Chief Engr. Kristine Olila.

During the opening day, Mr. Alexander O. Vargas, Training Specialist I, acknowledged the participants and presented a briefer on the students’ internship program and schedule of activities. Afterward, Mr. Emmanuel L. Orogo, OIC-Assistant Center Director, welcomed the students and the RNHS faculty headed by their principal, Ms. Belen N. Adriatico, who likewise gave an endearing message.

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Mr. Roberto B. Santos, Jr., Project Evaluation Officer I, provided a glimpse of ATI programs and services. To wrap up the opening program, Mr. Vargas accompanied the students in their Farm Walk at ATIng UMA.

To foster a deep appreciation for agriculture and motivate the students, ATI Bicol staff conducted lectures on several topics such as Poultry Production, eLearning, Appreciating Diversity, and Habits of Highly Successful People among others.

The 15 student-interns, composed of six females and nine males, were deployed to the various units and sections of the Center. They witnessed firsthand the convergence of ICT and agriculture as well as developed good work ethics in a limited amount of time.

In order to synthesize their learnings, the Partnerships and Accreditation Section (PAS) conducted the Culminating Activity for RNHS OJT Students on March 27, 2024. The activity was also graced by Dr. Joey A. Belarmino, Center Director of ATI-RTC III (ATI Central Luzon). The program started with a prayer by Ms. Louise M. Vargas, Technical Support Staff. The highlights of the aforementioned OJT were presented by Mr. Ghar Christian R. Tesorero, Technical Support Staff, while the video synthesis was shared by Mr. Vargas.

In sharing their learnings and insights, three students expressed their thanks for the opportunity to see what it was like to work beyond the four walls of a classroom. Mr. Vargas responded with a message, emphasizing the role of students in the progress of society. The response message was followed by an intermission number prepared by the interns. Mr. Jojit Velasco, Immersion Teacher, mentioned that they were very happy when ATI-RTC V accepted their students and said that ATI gives the government service that we deserve. Ms. Engeline F. Pantaleon, Senior High School Coordinator of RNHS, also expressed her warmest thanks to ATI-RTC V and noticed that their students learned a sense of responsibility despite their short stay.

To end her inspiring speech, Director Parot challenged the educators to not use agriculture products such as kamote, kalabasa, and itlog as negative symbols. Citing the popular story of Juan Tamad wherein people see Juan as a lazy person who only wants to wait for the guava to fall, Ms. Parot believes that the narrative is incomplete. Juan is the epitome of a modern farmer who is waiting for the guava to fall because the farmer already made sure that sufficient management practices were applied to the tree. Ms. Parot then called him Juan Hayahay—a manifestation that with great planning, a modern farmer can confidently wait for the fruits of their labor to fall.

The culminating activity ended with celebratory group photos of the RNHS participants together with their ATI-RTC V facilitators and officials.

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