DA-ATI Bicol Facilities


We offer various facilities for trainings, conferences, meetings, as well as lodging. These are open for the entire ATI network, DA offices, line bureaus and attached agencies, as well as our partners and other stakeholders in agriculture and fisheries extension.


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The dormitory provides wide arrays of facilities. At the ground level, it has a training hall (Isarog Hall) that can accommodate around 200 persons and four guest rooms that can billet four persons each. Each room has its own toilet and bath.

The second floor has 17 rooms. Each room can house six persons and has its own toilet and bath. On the other hand, the upper deck will serve as a ‘sky garden’ where various plants will be planted.

This multi-purpose hall can accommodate up to 60 persons. It is air-conditioned with good sound system. It is ideal for training, meeting and other gatherings.

ATIng UMA (Unlimited Mentorship in Agriculture)
ATIng UMA or "Our Farm" is the source of Unlimited Mentoring in Agriculture. It is the Center-based Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) which features integrated and diversified component farms ideal for urban and backyard areas.

The ATIng UMA or the ATI Unlimited Mentoring in Agriculture is the Center-based Learning Site for Agriculture that showcases diversified and integrated farms and agricultural technology from Organic Agriculture to Rice Production and other crops and livestock. It also promotes Urban Agriculture technologies to attain food availability and sufficiency in different communities in Bicol Region.
The components are:

  • The UMA-Arangkada- With a car as a backdrop, it is a façade garden that characterizes ATI as a vehicle for innovation and transformation. It showcases the science of crop production and the art of landscaping. Its produce of chili peppers, bataw, string beans, okra, lettuce, eggplant, strawberry, and watermelons were donated to disaster areas.
  • UMA-Aruga- A square-foot gardening. An organized raised bed garden that features a symbiotic relationship of crops ideal for flood-prone areas. It is planted with sweet basil, java mint, ginger, onion, tomato, eggplant, turnip, katuray, talinum, and aloe vera.
  • UMA-Angat- A 420-sqm high-value crops production zone where salad vegetables are grown and nourished. ATI has harvested corps valued at Php25,000.
  • UMA-Ariba- A 75-sqm rice field utilizing a rice-duck farming system, an ecological engineering concept that enhances the growth of beneficial organisms.
  • UMA-Alaga- The livestock production area. Presently, it raises mallard ducks that just laid more than 300 eggs with a value of more than Php1,500. It also has an incubator.
  • UMA-Akit- A 4-H-inspired gazebo ideal for relaxation and small group gathering.
  • UMA-Amaize- A 80-sq.m corn area that produces sweet white and yellow corn using relay cropping technique. Its average harvest is 58 kilos for every 20 sqm or approximately Php2,300 per 20 sqm.
  • UMA-Aral- The vine-covered tunnel where you can see a brief history of ATI Bicol. It is ideal for learning and romantic moments.
  • UMA-Antig- a 25-sqm aquaponics with a capacity of 30 catfish and 80 pechay.