Wed, 02/15/2023 - 17:32

After bungkal (to till the land for planting) in 2019 and almasi (to set the seeds into the soil) in 2020, the 2021 Annual Report is themed pagpatalubo (to care and nourish the crops). This prepares for ani (to harvest) in 2022.

At each stage of farming, one’s choices impact crop yield. This is particularly true with how one takes care of the growing crop. Crop care includes soil cultivation and water management, weeding, as well as pest and disease control. The plant needs regular maintenance of all factors crucial for proper development and growth. Faced with challenges in modern times, crop care needs precision agriculture techniques for better crop yields.

ATI Bicol seeks to consistently address the training and extension needs of the agriculture sector. Advances and milestones prepare the way for the succeeding year’s new targets.

The Center’s Directorate and Staff exerted full efforts to maintain its commitment to the ATI Corporate Plan FY 2017-2022 which is guided by the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022. In 2021, the year before the time of reckoning, the Center sought to efficiently and effectively use resources so as to get optimum results in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of eliminating poverty and hunger.

Anchored on the Department of Agriculture’s thrusts and advocacies, ATI Bicol contributes to realizing food availability and affordability for every Filipino family through leadership and excellence in agriculture and fishery extension services.