CocoFBS takes root in Eastern Visayas

Wed, 01/31/2024 - 16:42


BAYBAY CITY, Leyte - In an effort to enhance the capabilities of coconut farmers and boost the coconut industry in the region, a comprehensive training program for farmers, the Coconut Farm Business School (FBS), is set to launch this year. The initiative aims to provide farmers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage their coconut farm businesses, fostering sustainable practices, and increasing overall productivity.

On January 31, 2024, ATI-RTC 8 held a one-day orientation for graduates of the Training of Trainers on the Coconut Farm Business School, along with Learning Site cooperators/owners and local government units from Southern Leyte, Tabango of Leyte, and Basey, Samar who will serve as facilitators and resource persons during the program. The activity aims to orient facilitators and trainers on their roles and responsibilities, the schedule of activities, required reports and documents, and procurement procedures. Eastern Visayas is set to deliver and conduct 12 Coconut Farm Business School Farmer Level trainings this year.

Ms. Vanissa L. Asis, Project Officer, discussed the guidelines for conducting the FBS, acquainted the Training Management Team with its roles/responsibilities, and introduced the assigned ATI staff as facilitators throughout the training. The Training Management Team will consist of partner local government units, trained agricultural extension workers, and assigned Learning Site cooperators/owners.

Ms. Maria Rica Jea D. Lobina, Project Evaluation Officer I, discussed the filling out of training forms and accomplishing required reports and documents. Meanwhile, Ms. Oshiela Bandalan, Administrative Support Staff of ATI-RTC 8, discussed procurement procedures and required documents for catering and other services.

During the open forum and planning workshop, facilitators discussed issues, concerns, and suggestions, emphasizing the use of local dialects throughout the training and submitting final participant lists to facilitators identified by the GIZ Coconut Alliance Project. Benchmarking activities at the Philippine Coconut Authority Demonstration Farm and the National Coconut Research Center at Visayas State University were also suggested.

During the activity, Ms. Concepcion B. Miro, ATI-RTC8 CFIDP Focal Point Person, shared insights on the future direction of the activity. Also in attendance were CocoFBS Project Officers and coordinators from ATI-RTC 8.

The Coconut Farm Business School's opening brings hope and excitement to the local coconut industry. Facilitators look forward to training sessions that will transform learning and positively impact coconut farmers' lives and the economy through a focus on the industry.