Scholarship Programs

Aiming to strengthen the competitiveness and capacities of the AF sector, we offer scholarship programs for degree and non-degree training.



1. The Expanded Human Resource Development Program (EHRDP)

We offer a program of continuing education and expand existing program of scholarships in national and international institutions for deserving technical, scientific, and extension workers and practitioners in agriculture and fisheries.

2. Master in Public Management major in Rural Development (MPM-RD)

Intended for the permanent employees of the three major rural development-oriented line agencies namely Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) and Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), we offer an 18-month scholarship program to create a pool of managers capable of handling the dynamics in the rural development sector.

3. Youth in Agriculture and Fisheries Program (YAFP)

We have a scholarship program that encourages capable and deserving youth, particularly the children of smallholder farmers and fishers to pursue studies and professional career in AF. Scholarships will be provided through State Universities and Colleges, private colleges and universities approved by the ATI Capability Building Program Committee.



1. Youth Empowerment through a Sustainable Program

In partnership with the Foundations for People Development, Inc. – Molding Future Innovations (FPD-MFI), we offer a two-year scholarship program to the members of 4-H clubs nationwide. This is especially focused for the out-of-school youth (OSY) and high school graduates to equip them with knowledge and skills in agriculture and entrepreneurship technology. The program aims to have a new generation of farmers who will continue and sustain the agricultural activities in the country, ensuring food security for all.

2. Young Filipino Farmers Training Program in Japan (YFTTPJ)

In collaboration with the Japan Agricultural Exchange Council (JAEC) and Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Japan-MAFF), we offer a training program for male OSY Filipino farmers with two years of farming experience. This program will equip them with technical knowledge and skills in agricultural and cooperative management; offer them learning opportunities on agricultural information; as well as appreciate the Japanese culture work and values.


Educational Assistance for the Youth in Agriculture (EaSy Agri) 2022

The EAsY Agri Program is a college scholarship grant in support of the children of smallholder farmers and fishers who are inclined to agriculture, providing them equal opportunities to pursue a Degree Program in the field of agriculture and other related courses.

The program aims to contribute to the improvement of competitiveness of Philippine agriculture towards achieving food security and alleviation of the socio-economic status of families in the AF sector.


Youth Scholarship Grant On Organic Farming

This scholarship program is a highly specialized internship program designed to instill and develop in the trainees an appreciation and eagerness for organic agriculture and eventually adopt it as their source of income. It differs from other scholarship programs which provided tuition fee and stipend only. The program provides start-up support and mentoring for the implementation of their business plan. Thus, empowering the youth to become organic agripreneur.