Skill Boost: Goat Management for Coconut Farmers

Tue, 05/14/2024 - 10:40
Coconut farmers doing their workshop

LEYTE, Leyte - The Training on Native Goat Production and Management (Batch 2) was held in Leyte, Leyte on May 8-10, 2024. This three-day training aimed to enhance the knowledge and skills of coconut farmers in the production and management of native goats.

The participants were provided with comprehensive insights into various aspects of goat farming. They learned about the Coconut Farmers and Industry Development Plan (CFIDP), the current status of the goat industry, and the latest production technologies. The training also covered stock management, good practices, animal breeding and genetics improvement, animal health care, ruminant nutrition, and feeding management. Additionally, participants were taught to identify suitable forages for small ruminants and how to prepare farm layouts.

During the training, participants were able to identify different recommended forages suitable for small ruminants. They demonstrated the use of the FAMACHA Chart to detect anemia levels in goats, which is a crucial indicator of internal parasite infestation. They also learned proper goat restraint techniques and hoof trimming procedures. Furthermore, participants were able to identify common diseases in small ruminants and their control measures.

Overall, the training achieved its objectives by providing coconut farmers with valuable knowledge and practical skills that they can apply to improve native goat production and management in their respective communities.

Twenty-five (25) participants who are all members of the Calaguise Agriculture Cooperative took part in the said training. With the knowledge they gained, they made it to themselves to impart the learnings they received to their fellow coop members. “I am thankful for this opportunity given to me. Indeed there are a lot of things that we have learned especially in the care of our goats more importantly how to feed them the proper way.” said Lina Baculi, one of the members of the coop.