ATI's Commitment to Capacity Building Continues through Facilitation Skills Training

Mon, 06/03/2024 - 14:44

DILIMAN, Quezon City - The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) is committed to enhancing the capacity of the National Extension System's three pillars: National Government Agencies (NGAs) and State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), Local Government Units (LGUs), and the Private Sector. 

As part of this commitment, ATI recognizes the need to improve its employees' facilitation abilities. Hence, through its Career Development and Management Division, the Institute conducted a training dubbed as “Mastering the Art of Facilitation: Empowering ATI Central Office Staff” from May 27 to 31, 2024.

This was attended by staff from the different units of the Central Office, which was intended to address several key objectives.

First, through extended exercises, participants are enabled to grasp the essential components of good communication and identify typical roadblocks. With this knowledge, facilitators can better direct conversations and encourage participation from participants.

Secondly, participants are equipped to design interactive and dynamic activities tailored to maximize the effectiveness of the learning experience. This will involve creating opportunities for active participation and knowledge exchange, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Furthermore, the training program prioritizes the advancement of inclusivity, respect, and collaboration among participants. Experts or newbies alike, facilitators devised ways to guarantee that every person feels appreciated and inspired to participate.

Participants were also able to improve their delivery skills, particularly learning how to captivate and engage an audience using verbal expressions, visuals, and voice intonation. By mastering these skills, facilitators can ensure that training sessions are engaging and impactful.

Finally, the program aimed to provide participants the skills they need to professionally and empathetically handle difficult behaviors in a variety of contexts. This will make it possible for facilitators to keep a constructive and fruitful learning atmosphere even in trying circumstances.

In turn, the participants are expected to serve as future facilitators, who can foster an atmosphere that encourages involvement and teamwork, improving the caliber and efficacy of the training programs provided by ATI.

This training program is made to further equip agriculture professionals with the necessary competence, aligning with the government’s efforts towards a "Masaganang Bagong Pilipinas." 

Likewise, it aims to improve the capacities of extension workers and foster innovation, productivity, and inclusion across the agricultural sector via efficient facilitation.