Going Solar is Sustainable, Cost-efficient, Davaonon Farmer Says

Tue, 05/10/2022 - 11:02

DILIMAN, Quezon City – A Davaonon farmer has found a more sustainable, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly practice to improve his farming venture, that is 
through the use of solar energy.

KWR Permaculture Farm is an eco-friendly farm resort and ATI Learning Site for Agriculture in Davao del Norte that uses solar energy.

Roni Manching, owner of KWR Permaculture Farm  in Kapalong, Davao del Norte, is advocating for this wise utilization of power.

He talked about the use of solar energy on “Agri Asenso”, a teleradyo program of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) and DZRH, with hosts ATI OIC-Assistant Director Antonieta Arceo and broadcaster Henry Uri.

The Davao-based agripreneur shared that going solar decreased his farm production cost and enabled him to save 60-70% in his monthly electricity consumption. 

He explained that while other solar farms save 40%, he can save more by “maximizing usage.” 

“We only use all mechanized farm tools and equipment during daytime,” he said.

Although the guest expert admitted that the installation of solar panels may be costly, the return of investment will only take approximately two years.

Apart from the cost of investment, Manching also discussed some other considerations on going solar such as a calculation or inventory of electrical usage, building plan integrated with solar network connectivity, suitable area for solar power setup, and proper knowledge on utilizing solar energy.

When asked about how he started using this renewable energy source in farming, he stated that it is rooted in the principles of permaculture, centered on diversification, integration, and recreation.

KWR Permaculture Farm is now an eco-friendly farm resort in the region. It is an ATI-certified Learning Site for Agriculture, an accredited farm tourism site of the Department of Tourism, and a farm school of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

The episode on using solar energy aired last April 30 and is available via the official Facebook pages of the ATI and DZRH.