Wider Digital Agri Ecosystem Awaits thru DFP

Tue, 01/10/2023 - 13:06

Since its launch in 2019, the Digital Farmers Program (DFP) continues to expand in scope, contributing to a wider digital ecosystem in the country’s agriculture and fisheries sector.

A group of DFP and DAC4RCEF trainers collaborate for a rapid ideation session on digital agriculture brand as part of a series of workshops during the event.

This expansion was, particularly, evident during the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Logframe Review Workshop for DFP 101 and 102 and Digital Agriculture Course for the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (DAC4RCEF), organized by the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) last November 2022 in Surigao del Norte.

The said event was made in preparation for the DFP 103 rollout this year. It gathered all DFP and DAC4RCEF trainers from the ATI’s network of training centers for a series of workshops on logframe (logical framework) development and rapid ideation activities.

Specifically, the participants were able to reformulate the DFP M&E logical framework, relative to the modifications undertaken for the program in response to the global pandemic and the enactment of the Mandanas-Garcia ruling. 

They were assisted by the Chief Executive Officer of agri-based start-up, GoEdenPH, Julieane Camile Lacsina, who also provided a brief discussion on the concepts of logframe development, covering project management, as well as methodology.

Another output of the workshop is the rebranded profile of the DFP, integrating various digital agriculture components, from training activities, provision of smart agriculture technologies, digital networking, up to certification. 

Moreover, the activity enabled the trainers to share effective practices and lessons learned as they presented their respective DFP/DAC4RCEF accomplishments for 2021-2022.

Meanwhile, Department of Agriculture Legislative Liaison Specialist Glenn Estrada, who is also a scholar f the Development Academy of the Philippines, presented the results of his capstone project on DFP 103, “Catching Up with FIRe: Empowering Rice Farming Households on Smart Agriculture Technologies (SAT) towards Improved Agricultural Productivity”. This was piloted in Region XII and will, likewise, be implemented in other regions of the country this year.

A special lecture on Nutrition-Sensitive Extension and Advisory System was also given by Dr. Khin Mar Cho, an International Agriculture, Food Systems, and Nutrition Specialist from Cornell University, New York, United States, during the activity.

The four-day workshop was graced by the ATI OIC-Assistant Director Antonieta Arceo and the program partner from Smart and PLDT, Stephanie Velasco-Orlino, Assistant Vice President and Head of Stakeholder Management.

The new and more comprehensive brand for the ATI’s digital agriculture-related programs will be launched during the Institute’s 36th Founding Anniversary on January 25, 2023. Agriculture officials and DFP partners from Smart are also expected to join the launch.