Advancing Towards a Robust and Tailor-Fitted PPME Training Curriculum

Fri, 05/03/2024 - 22:35


QUEZON CITY – Continuing its efforts to craft a ladderized skills development training program, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) through the Policy and Planning Division (PPD) initiated the Technical Guidance Session (TGS) aimed at developing the Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PPME) training curriculum tailored specifically for the extension personnel in the agriculture and fisheries sector.

Dr. Jalton G. Taguibao, an expert on university-level higher education teaching, curricular development, public policy analysis and research, has been invited to share his knowledge and expertise among the selected technical personnel of the Institute who underwent the process of designing the three competency levels for PPME.  

Building upon the foundational work crafted in December 2023, the group focused on identifying the learning outcomes for each competency level, refining the course components, and developing the rubrics to measure the learnings and successes of each course.

Guided by the ATI’s Theory of Change and Digital Agriculture Course Evaluation Framework, the group drafted the PPME Training Curriculum Evaluation Framework, where they were able to come up with 15 courses strategically placed according to the appropriate competency level as well as to the diverse learning needs of the intended recipients of the program.

This initiative, as emphasized by the ATI Management, would serve as an input to the Institute’s harmonization and standardization of its ladderized training curriculum, which would likewise serve as a conduit for the continuous development of competencies among AFE stakeholders, including the workforce of the Institute’s network of training centers. 

The outputs of the TGS will be compiled into a comprehensive document, offering a progressive learning experience designed to build upon foundational concepts and foster expertise in policy development, planning, monitoring, and evaluation. Ultimately, the initiative is expected to empower learners in navigating the  PPME challenges and contribute to impactful governance.

The TGS took place from April 23 to 26, 2024 at the ATI Central Office in Diliman, Quezon City