N. Samar AEWs Engage in Integrated Nutrient Management for Rice Farming

Fri, 06/30/2023 - 08:06
BFS pax in field

PAMBUJAN, Northern Samar - A group of 20 Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) and Agricultural Technicians (ATs) from Northern Samar actively participated in a training program focused on Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) with an emphasis on the Balanced Fertilization Strategy (BFS) in rice farming. The training took place at Cortijo Del Valle Agricultural Farm in Pambujan, Northern Samar from June 19-23, 2023.

The main objectives of the training were to provide participants with updates, trends, and insights into the fertilizer industry,  and enhance their understanding of the concept of Balanced Fertilization Strategy. Additionally, the program aimed to familiarize participants with Integrated Nutrient Management and microbiological management techniques in rice paddies. Other key topics covered included PalayCheck/Key Check #5, which emphasizes the right element, amount, and timing in fertilizer application,  and the PhilRice "Abonong Swak" approach. The training also emphasized the importance of organic fertilizer in rice farming and provided practical demonstrations on the production and application of natural/organic fertilizers.

Furthermore, participants learned about soil sampling and collection for MOET (Minimum Optimum Elemental Technique) setup and soil testing kit analysis. They also had the opportunity to practice the computation and calculation of fertilizer materials and farm area size. The training also introduced participants to various Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications such as MOET, LCC (Leaf Color Chart), and RCM (Rice Crop Manager) that are relevant to nutrient management in rice farming. The final topic covered during the training was the Adaptation and Mitigation Initiative in Agriculture (AMIA), which serves as a decision support tool for rice farming.

Upon completion of the training, the AEWs and ATs submitted re-entry plans related to the implementation of INM/BFS. The participants expressed their gratitude and highlighted the value of the training in enhancing their knowledge and skills in the field of agriculture. Charline P. Colangan, a Senior Agriculturist from the Las Navas, appreciated topics such as Jadam, Rhodopseudomonas fertilizer, and the Abonong Swak approach. “Trainings like this is an opportunity to put what I learned into practice especially in the rice field.” she shared.

Reymond F. Balderama, an AT from the Allen, expressed his gratitude for being a participant in the training, acknowledging its relevance and importance for Rice Coordinators. “I believe that this training would be a big help for us AEWs to be equipped not in terms of materials just like “swords and guns” but more knowledge and skills in terms of new technologies to hone us to be more efficient and effective agents of change.” he said. He also pledged to share and disseminate the valuable lessons learned during the training, particularly regarding the balanced fertilization strategy and best practices, to the farmers in his area.