Region 8 Learning Sites for Agriculture II


An exceptionally performing Learning Site I based on evaluation will be up-scaled to Learning Site for Agriculture II  and will be developed further by ATI. The goal of the program is to harness the full potential of the less developed but research-rich farming/fishing communities towards a diversified, holistic, and integrated community-based agribusiness-ecotourism program to help uplift the quality of life of the Filipinos in the rural areas.

LSA II shall become the "school" for hands-on-training and the farmer-owner shall be the "teacher" and the community extension worker serving the other famers to further enhance their farming knowledge and skills as well as for those who would want to venture in farming.

Once the farm is fully developed and made capable to be an effective and efficient venue for training and extension activities, it shall be labelled as LSA II, formerly called the "School for Practical Agriculture." In effect, the LSA II shall become a training center in the field to complement the ATI in the delivery of training and extension services to the clientele.

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