Team Spirit Captured: ATI-RTC 8's GREATness Focused

Tue, 05/07/2024 - 16:02
ATI Bohol

BOHOL, Philippines - ATI-RTC 8 recognizes the significance of cultivating a strong team culture to achieve its mission of promoting sustainable agriculture through empowering and building capacities for its stakeholders in Eastern Visayas. With this, it is also necessary to explore new learning opportunities through benchmarking and observing good practices in neighboring regions, one of which is Region 7, home to innovative Learning Sites and a powerhouse of tourism in the Visayas.

On May 1-4, 2024, ATI-RTC 8 conducted its annual GREAT (Global Responsiveness Thru Empowerment of the Agri-trainers) entitled: “GREATness in Focus: Capturing Team Spirit, One Click at a Time”. The activity is centered around exploring tourism opportunities in Bohol, with particular focus on farm schools. The goal is to strengthen team dynamics while deepening understanding of sustainable agriculture and agri-tourism. A key component of the team building activity is the culmination of the month-long “Smart Snapping” activity focused on smartphone photography. This will serve a dual purpose in these contexts: It captures the essence of experiences during farm school visits, providing valuable documentation for reflection and learning, and it enhances participants' visual communication skills, vital for effective training and organizational activities.

Greenhand Tour

One learning site that was visited during the activity was the Greenthumb Farm, well-known for its mushroom production in the island of Bohol. Participants gained insights into Ms. Rona Denque's journey and Greenthumb Farm, learning about its inception, the process behind their mushroom products and value addition. Ms. Denque also imparted strategies for product marketing and emphasized the significance of prioritizing health.

Bohol Farm Tour

ATI staff also visited the Bohol Farm. Previously known as Bohol Bee Farm, the farm stands out as a prominent organic farm in Region 7. During the farm tour, participants witnessed the farm's diverse utilization of its components: vegetables and herbs supply the restaurant, coconut products contribute to ice cream production, and even washed-out sea garbage is transformed into artwork. Moreover, the farm plays a crucial role in supporting small-scale farmers by purchasing their products for value addition.

South Farm is one of the farm-tourism sites in Panglao developed during the pandemic. It provided a livelihood for South Palms Resort employees during the halt in resort operations due to community quarantine. During their visit, ATI staff witnessed basic farm activities that hold potential for replication in Learning Sites across Region 8.

The visit to ATI-RTC 7 stood out as a major highlight of the activity. Dr. Gracia Arado, the Center Director, warmly welcomed the ATI-RTC 8 staff. Subsequently, benchmarking sessions took place across different sections and units of the center. Topics ranged from procurement, planning, and partnerships to effective training methods and information services. These sessions facilitated discussions on best practices between ATI-RTC 7 and 8, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration between the two offices.

MPP talk values

A Values Restoration Program was also conducted during the GREAT. The morning reflection emphasized the significance of unity in the workplace and highlighted the importance of effective communication among employees to enhance workplace relationships.

For their outputs, ATI 8 staff and were assigned to capture photos using various focus techniques discussed during the Smart Snapping activity in April 2024. This challenge showcased their artistic and photography talents over the four-day event. The resulting outputs from this activity are due for submission on May 6, 2024.

Through a blend of hands-on learning and photography training, ATI-RTC 8 aims to enhance team unity, knowledge, and equip participants with practical skills applicable in their work, including documenting progress and crafting engaging training materials.