FSTP Phase 3 done, LGUs ready for built-in Phase 2

Thu, 08/31/2023 - 15:31

Farmer-Scientist Training Program (FSTP) Phase 3 focuses on the farmer-to-farmer technology transfer and adoption. The farmer-scientist shares their expertise by teaching untrained fellow farmers how to generate and develop farming technologies based on their Phase I and Phase II learnings. Phase 3 emphasizes a sustainable farming system, together with crops and livestock production to increase the farmers’ income and develop the farmer-scientists to become teachers.

The FSTP Phase 3 graduates established two (2) built-in Phase 1 sites located in Brgy. Parasanon and Brgy. Lale, Pinabacdao, Samar with 36 farmer graduates. Similarly, Phase  3 graduates in Rosario, Northern Samar established 2 built-in Phase 1 sites located in Brgy. Guindulan and Brgy. Buenavista with 31 farmer graduates produced from these sites. LGU Pinabacdao and LGU Rosario now has the option  to pursue the conduct of FSTP Phase 2 in their municipalities.

Ms. Lita Casañas shares, “Nagpapasalamat kami hadton mga tawo nga naghatag hin panahon han pagtotdo ha amon hin mga pira ka adlaw labi na adton mga taga UPLB, taga ATI ha pag alakap han hini nga training. Dako gud kaupay na gamit ha akon na parag uma na sugad hini nga pag aradman. Para ha akon damo han akon nahibaroan. Ha akon igkasi participant unta mapadayon naton ini nga pagtotdo ha aton igkasi parag uma. (We are thankful to the people who spent their time teaching us for days, especially those from UPLB, ATI who conducted this training. The knowledge is very valuable to me as a farmer. As for me, I learned a lot. To my co-participants, I hope we can continue sharing this to our fellow farmers.)”

Mr. Jesus Veras, on the other hand, realized that there are better techniques to plant corn. “Diri la ngay-an basta basta nga katanom han mais an pagmaisan kay yana ko la hibaroe nga may ada pa ngay-an mas maupay nga paagi han pagtanom han mais nga kan diin magka ada hin dako nga income. Han mga tawo nga dako pagtotdo ha amon damo nga salamat han iyo pagsakripisyo bisan kamo may ada kabilinggan ha iyo tagsa-tagsa nga umahan gin tagan niyo kami hin panahon sukan taga UPLB ngan ATI ngan LGU o opisina han agriculture. (Corn production isn’t a mere task of being able to plant corn. I learned that there are better strategies to produce corn and at the same time earn high income. To the people who taught us a lot, thank you for all your sacrifices despite your busy farm schedules, as well as to those from UPLB, ATI and the LGU municipal agriculture office)”.

Resource person evaluation and pre and post-tests were not administered because Phase 3 participants were the FSTP farmer-teachers who shared their learnings and experiences with fellow farmers and facilitated the FSTP built-in Phase 1  implementation with the municipal agriculture office.

A total of forty farmers completed the Farmer-Scientist Training Program Phase 3 from April 26, 2023 to August 31, 2023 in Brgy. Laygayon, Pinabacdao, Samar and from April 4, 2023 to August 30, 2023 in Brgy. Buenavista, Rosario, Northern Samar. (With reports from Gizell Jill Nuñez)